My Life

My Life

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Not So Joyous Part of Pregnancy

So yesterday we went to Hachioji to a place called the Hub for a last night out for one of my husband's co-workers. I haven't ridden on a train since November which is because I got sick. In Novemeber we rode the train to Nakano to go to a gaming store and everything was fine on the way there. On the trip back, the train was way more crowded and hot. Then I started to feel hot/sick and told Armond that I needed to get off of the train... the next stop was Tachikawa which is the station we had to switch trains at. I hear the person on the speaker say "Tachikawa next stop" but it seemed like forever!! I was sooo scared that I was going to spew all over people. Once the train stopped I ran off the train and made it around a corner to let it all out. Not a fun experience and I decided that I wouldn't ride the train anymore. Well last night I thought "Well it's been a while since I have ridden on a train and I am no longer getting sick all the time so it shouldn't be that big of a deal." Man was I wrong!! The trip there was fine because I was sitting down. On the ride home I was standing up and the train was hot. I began to feel like the last time and it was just awful. Again I told Armond that I didn't feel good and again we have to switch trains at Tachikawa! "Tachikawa next stop." We didn't make it... so I had to hold it in! YUCKO!! Once we got off of the train my sight got blurry and then all of a sudden I couldn't see at all!! This has never happened to me before and I was a bit scared. Armond had to guide me... eventually with the fresh air I felt better. On the next train one of our friends asked an american if he could let me have his seat because I was sick and pregnant. He told her that I should go over to the area that was for pregnant people and ask someone there to move. She told him that she didn't speak Japanese and it would be easier if he would just let me have his seat. His friend was very nice about it because his wife was there and she was also pregnant so he got up for me. I just can't believe how uncourteous he was. My husband always offers his seat to women!! Anyways the rest of the trip was good. I think maybe standing up is what makes me sick... the swaying of the train while I am standing. I think I will just pass on riding the train if I can for the rest of this pregnancy!

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